Great quality drone cage for drone exhibits, educational workshops, and training programs. As the World Standard in Drone Racing, IDRA knows what it takes to organize the best and most professional event. For measurements, the large drone cage measures 10 feet width, 20 ft long, and 10 ft height and weighs approximately 100 lbs. All drone cages come IDRA blue, making it really stand out as an exhibit item. There is plenty of space to have multiple pilots, especially beginners, operating at the same time. We highly recommend adding a micro-drone course to the cage; micro-drones are durable, safe, and easy to fly. In other words, they are great for educational workshops and training programs for kids. Feel free to check our gates and obstacles that are made for the drone cage.

Large Drone Cage

$1,575.00 Regular Price
$1,417.50Sale Price

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