Wireless Charging for Drones

- Justin Haggerty | IDRA

Global Energy Transmission (“GET”), a US corporation with its development center in Russia has announced an inductive charging system that charges drone batteries in flight.

The goal is to allow electric powered drones to extend the amount of time in the air, on a theoretical level up to a very long time.

As you will see from the video below, the set-up is a hexagonal shaped pen with charging wires suspended on poles . In this test it is a 32 foot radius.

The drones themselves are set up with another set of wires wound around the motors and receive an electric charge through the outer wires of the frame. This all acts to charge the batteries.

You might be thinking that this does not look very impressive, but consider if you were doing drone surveillance in a fixed area such a shopping mall, sporting event, or a prison and wanted the drones to fly for a long time? Or maybe the drones could be programmed to return to a charging area (or pen) where they would charge themselves and then continue back to what they are supposed to do.

Remember this is early on and phones are something that we can relate to where the battery charge, while never enough, has improved dramatically over time.

Other technologies include swapping out batteries on the fly, longer battery life, and different types of drone engines such as hydrogen.

Original article at Drone Life, here.

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