Utrecht Internationals - Dutch Comic Con

Updated: Jun 11, 2018


The Utrecht Internationals, Race 1 of the 2018 Drone Racing Series, was awesome! Like IDRA's other marquee races, we were able to find a strong partnership with another event to showcase the sport to thousands of new fans. For this particular race, IDRA partnered with the Heroes Dutch Comic Con, which attracts over 40,000 fans to the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, Netherlands each Spring.

Event Page - Utrecht Internationals

14 teams, from across Europe and one from the United States, traveled to Utrecht to compete for a $10,000 purse and season points toward the World Championship. Each team was composed of 4 pilots, who fulfilled additional support roles as spotters and pit crew, in addition to flying. For a list of teams, please see the above link to the Utrecht Internationals' event page.

Big thanks to IDRA's partners and sponsors, that supported the event. Along with our volunteer staff, the Utrecht Internationals would not have been a major success without the help from IDRA's partners and sponsors.

In addition to the inflatable gates, we tried something new for this race, which was pretty cool. IDRA worked closely with ImmersionRC to organize a Vortex Stock Race during the elimination rounds for the 2018 Drone Racing Series race.

For a short recap of the results, Team NEXXblades Freeflow (Markus Wuerzburger, Alex Zamora, Harry Plested, and Timothy Trowbridge) was Race Champion, and Team BlackSheep, Team DroneShopNL, and Team Torvol Racing were 2nd, 3rd, and 4th respectfully.

Full Results - Utrecht Internationals

However, like the 2017 Dover Internationals, the Race Champion didn't receive the most season points from the race. Team BlackSheep (Bastian Hackl, Walter Kirsch, Heiko Schenk, and Victor Van Der Elst) moved into #1 Ranked after placing Top Qualifier and Runner-Up at the Utrecht Internationals. Throughout the race, Team BlackSheep recorded some of the fastest times each round and racked up a lot of bonus points. The same applied for finishing position points during elimination rounds. In short, Team BlackSheep was the team to beat and fell short during the Final Round.

Top 16 Team Rankings - 2018 Drone Racing Series

As stated before, the Utrecht Internationals was Race 1 of the 2018 Drone Racing Series. There are two more races left to earn season points toward the World Championship. Put a team together, start practicing your pit-stops and battery changes, and meet us for the Incheon Internationals or Dover Finals.

Schedule - 2018 Drone Racing Series

As always, stay safe, have fun, and we'll see you at the next race!

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