UAVOS releases new improved UAV-85 and UAV-70 engines

- Sam Lewis | Commercial Drone Professional

UAVOS Engine 2 (Commercial Drone Professional)

Global drone company UAVOS, with its headquarters in Hong Kong, has announced the release of two new modified engines.

The UAV-85 and UAV-70 four-stroke gasoline engines are based on Fiala Propellers motors, and come with improved reliability, efficiency and engine lifespan, according to UAVOS.

The company said that they include state-of-the-art air cooling and a two-nozzle fuel injection technology.

A brushless generator-starter is also installed on the modified engines.

Meanwhile, the power plants are equipped with a microprocessor ignition, which UAVOS said makes for an easy start and smooth running at all engine speeds.

The engines have been tested between sea level and 8200m above, and are already integrated into UAVOS’ unmanned helicopters.

Aliaksei Stratsilatau, CEO and lead developer of UAVOS, said: “UAVOS is excited to work with Czech Fiala Propeller company to promote its technologies.

“The cooperation with the company is a real opportunity to develop new capabilities and to pursue new business opportunities. This collaboration will be beneficial both to UAVOS and Fiala Propeller company.”

Original article at Commercial Drone Professional, here.

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