Top American Drones for 2020

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

- Justin Haggerty | IDRA

We recently published a list of the top consumer drones around the world for 2020. Its no surprise that DJI dominated the list. Regardless of your interest in recreational or commercial unmanned aircraft, it is important to recognize the various American companies and drones that are pushing the boundaries of technology, supporting commerce and industry, creating jobs, and challenging the Chinese market.

Please enjoy the below list of American companies and drones that are leading the way!

AeroViroment - Quanitix

(AeroViroment - Quantix)

- First fully integrated drone to feature fixed-wing/multirotor design

- Fully automated launch, quickly scans your fields and returns home automatically

- On-board stitching delivers instant RGB & NDVI Images at landing for in-field assessments

- Seamless integraton with AV DSS for deeper analysis and historical comparisons

- Import Variable Rate layer into a wide range of FMS to create application maps by zone

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AgEagle RX-60

(AgEagle RX-60)

- The most durable, professional grade UAV on the market

- Easy and safe to sue; launches, flies and lands by itself

- Covers up to 400 acres and flies up to 60 minutes on single battery charge

- Loaded with high performance sensors, flight management & data analytics tools

- Produces actionable crop intelligence and prescription maps

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Matternet - M2 Drone

Matternet M2 (Matternet)

- On-demand delivery platform

- carries payloads of up to 2 kilograms and 4 liters over distances of up to 20 kilometers

- easy-to-use interface for sending and receiving packages

- automated payload and battery exchange

- advanced cloud platform for routes and operations

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Textron - Bell APT

Bell APT (Bell Flight)

- Redefining on-demand delivery

- Average speed of 100 mph

- Average Travel Time of 5.2 minutes for 10 miles

- 3X faster than ground transportation

- 18 mile capacity with 55 lb load

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Inspired Flight - IF750A

IF750A (Inspired Flight)

- Autonomous Missions

- 15-18 mins Flight Time

- Sony QX30U (30X Optical Zoom) Payload

- Non-Ballistic Parachute Recovery

- 4G LTE Connection

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Teal One

Teal One (Px4)

- high performance flight up to 60 mph

- durable and quick replace arms

- powered by NVIDEA TX1 onboard computer

- Ambarella camera processor

- integrated app experience and flight control

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3DR H520-G

3DR H529-G (3DR)

- best-in-class E90 camera, 20MP, 4K, 60 frame video

- works seamlessly with Site Scan and Site Scan LE

- approved by numerous U.S. Government agencies

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Freefly Alta X

Freefly Alta X (bhphotovideo)

- leading aerial-cinematography platform

- Fly a 20 lb payload for 20+ minutes or a max payload for over 10 min

- carry up to 35lb payload while maintaining a 2:1 thrust to weight ratio

- folds to half its normal size with the push of a finger

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Action Drone AD-H

AD-H (Action Drone)

- high performance industrial hexacopter

- long endurance and heavy payload capacity

- max flight of 70 min

- max payload of 7 kg

- 3km video and datalink range

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Impossible US-1

US-1 (Impossible)

- long duration performance aircraft

- flight time up to 78 minutes

- payload up to 8.7 lbs

- FLIR Duo Pro R 640 x 512 thermal 4k

- radio range up to 2 miles

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The above listed aircraft, companies, and technology are some of the top in the American drone market. If we left any out, please contact us to share. We love learning about new technologies and it would be a pleasure to showcase another American company.

As always, stay safe, have fun, and rotors up!

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