Skydio’s R1 Now Follows You Over Water! [VIDEO]

- Debra Cleghorn | RotorDrone Magazine

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Skydio , the maker of the self-flying Skydio R1, is continuing to push the boundaries of what autonomy can do, providing consumers with the easiest and most fun drone experience available today. In our continuing efforts to make Skydio R1 more capable through regular software updates, our latest release allows Skydio R1 to fly over large bodies of water and track cars in all available cinematic Skills.

Skydio has made improvements to the Autonomy Engine’s navigation and tracking system to account for water. The Skydio app has been updated to show you when R1 has a GPS lock on your phone, assuring that it can reliably follow you and return to you safely whether you’re flying over land or water. Now the R1 is ready to capture all your beach, boat, and wakeboarding fun.

For extra confidence, we’ve also added a few tips about flying over water to the app. If you’re heading to snow for vacation instead of warm beaches, don’t forget to brush up on our cold weather tips before heading out.

All cinematic Skills and One-Shots have been extended to film cars as well as people. Instead of using separate car Skills, you can now select cars as a subject in any of the Skills in the Skydio app. Try out a Dronie shot or set R1 to orbit your car and make it the star of your next clip.

Users can now create exciting motion-blurred videos when exporting clips from the Skydio app on their phone with the new Hyperlapse option. This will accentuate the motion of the scene while leaving the subject crystal-clear and centered in frame, heightening the sense of movement.

Original article at RotorDrone Magazine, here.

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