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With a PwC global report forecasting the drone industry will be valued at US$127 billion by 2020, it’s safe to say that drones have proved to be more than a fad.

In fact, they are the latest “must-have” in the savvy photographer’s tool kit.

Driving rapid innovation in the integrated design process, the rise in using drones for architectural photography has taken real estate marketing to new heights.

Urban drone photography is being increasingly used by architects to reveal intricate patterns and geometric forms that can be seen only from the sky plane, revealing dramatic changes in cities across seasons and even times of day.

This whole new perspective of our cities has been of particular interest to the built environment sector, who are using drone photography to plan cities, design buildings and monitor construction progress—all from a bird’s eye view.

According to a Goldman Sachs report in 2016, the construction sector was projected to be the largest commercial buyer of drones, or Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), until at least 2021.

Australia alone is expected to spend an estimated $US3.1 billion on drone related technology by 2021.

With backgrounds in design and architecture, the team at Scharp are adept at interpreting briefs from developers, architects and builders alike. And it’s not only planning, land studies and surveying that are benefiting—drone photography has significantly upped the marketing game.

Leading the charge for holistic marketing packages, Melbourne-based design studio, Scharp, have been at the forefront of this progressive advancement in marketing innovation.

While photography has long been a key component when it comes to successfully selling real estate, Scharp’s creative team are a cut above the rest, deploying high-spec drone imagery to showcase location and product quality at those magical points in the day.

“It’s those early morning or twilight shots that are magic,” Scharp director Malcolm Schapel said.

“Drones can really effectively capture the romance of a city. That’s a powerful marketing tool.”

One drone flight can capture backdrops for 3D renders and animations, aerial location views and level-by-level apartment views.

With an in-house drone pilot and supporting team, Scharp utilises their experience in aerial photography to capture lifestyle video, apartment views from each level, backdrops to 3D renders, and animation.

It’s all part of their “one creative solution” service offering.

Melbourne developers Panorama turned to Scharp to deliver the marketing of their second Box Hill residential development, Promenade.

Scharp deployed their specialist photography team, then edited, produced and presented the spectacular 360-degree panorama imagery across all the marketing collateral, including brochures, iPad apps, website, movie and 3D renders.

The effectiveness of using aerial photography has led to drone popularity soaring (literally) in the property marketing industry.

It is no longer considered a viable luxury, but an essential aspect of delivering effective marketing collateral.

Previously only reserved for those with larger budgets, the rise of drones has made the technology easier to access, resulting in reductions in cost and advances in image quality across the board.

It’s a marketing tool that has been shown to pay off in dividends.

Increase of accessibility and affordability mean stringent licensing laws are now enforced to ensure clear flightpaths are maintained for larger aircraft, as well as for the safety and privacy of the public, so it is vital to select a service provider that is a trained, experienced and licensed drone operator.

Utilising 3-axis stabilisation images and video with high-calibre results, even during movement and high winds, Scharp captures quality footage on par with much larger traditional equipment using interchangeable lenses and cinema quality recording software.

Leaders in property marketing for 20 years, Scharp’s in-house creative and 3D visualisation team provide smart marketing services, tailored to their clients in the property industry.

Visit their website to learn more.

Original article at The Urban Developer, here.

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