Rule 336 - Take Action to Secure RC Flying

- James Whomsley | FliteTest

The rule that protects the RC hobby, Rule 336, is in danger of being repealed. Here's what you need to know. The commercial drone alliance along with multiple other organizations have a keen interest in repealing rule 336. UAS integration into the airspace of the United States is a hot topic right now and one of the key barriers in the way is the RC hobby. 336 has been a special rule for model aircraft but, with the removal of it, the RC hobby's future doesn't look good.

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Click Here to read Rule 336 on page 67.

Take Action:

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Contact your congressman.

About Section 336

At the moment, the 'Special Rule' exempts model aircraft activity from FAA regulation. Essentially what this means is that, as long as you abide by the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) guidelines, you can fly your plane or quad.

You currently have to:

  • Register your aircraft with the FAA as a 'modeler'

  • Mark your model aircraft with your personal registration number

This is a pretty simple system that came into effect a few years back. However, things might be about to change.

The threatening situation

Due to the nature of RC aircraft and drones being small unmanned craft that can freely roam the skies, they don't fit in all that well with the commercial drone alliance's plans to commercialize low-level airspace. These commercial plans include setting up low flying delivery drone flightpaths. These could spread widely across populated areas as delivery aircraft would need to land or drop parcels over individual houses or other buildings. Clearly, the organizations wishing to set these systems up think that our hobby is directly in the way.

Model aircraft are under fire.

Essentially, the commercial drone alliance and the other groups are completely at odds with free-flying in sub 400ft airspace.

faa, federal aviation administration, special rule 336, flitetest

What could this mean for the RC hobby?

If section 336 is repealed, it might make a very negative impact on the RC hobby and drone flying. It could include:

  • A minimum age limit set on piloting an RC aircraft

  • 'Remote ID' - required transponders fixed to every RC aircraft

  • Restricted flying areas with widespread 'no-fly' zones

faa, federal aviation administration, special rule 336, flitetest

Take Action:

Click here to sign the petition.

Contact your congressman.

Learn More:

Here is a Video that summarizes many of the issues on what is rumored to be happening with Rule 336.

You can also read the AMA's government relations statement on the issue.

Original article at FliteTest, here.

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