Paragon’s drone service flies to 200 job milestone

- Alex Douglas | Commercial Drone Professional

Building and project consultancy firm, Paragon, is celebrating the success of its drone service achieving a milestone of 200 jobs.

Having launched in 2018 following the recruitment of an ex-Formula One drone expert, the service provides clients with what Paragon describes as ‘faster, richer and more cost-effective,’ versus traditional methods.

Since then, the consultancy has completed 37 separate portfolio projects, 163 roof surveys and 20 drone mapping projects spanning a total of 752 hectares.

Completed projects include fly-over marketing videos of a portfolio of 17 commercial properties for Marriott Asset Management, surveying a portfolio of five shopping centres for Praxis and drone mapping at Stanley Park Golf Club in Blackpool to create 250 holiday lodges and an adventure zone.

Commenting on the success, Paragon head of drone services, Elliott Garrett, said: “Reaching this milestone is an outstanding achievement for us, driven by continually growing client demand. We are successfully applying several approaches from the world of F1 into the property industry. Many of Paragon’s clients have now fully embraced and embedded drone services into their day-to-day working.

“When clients see they can get superior images and data in a short timeframe and a cost-effective way, that’s a compelling proposition for using drone services. It’s hugely rewarding that many of Paragon’s clients are recognising the technology’s transformational impact.”

Adding: “What sets our drone offering apart is that it’s supported by a whole company of surveyors, project managers and other specialists. Our people know how to interpret the data and give clear, commercial advice based on it. We look forward to continuing our investment in exciting new technologies and innovations, and expanding the service throughout 2020.”

Original article at Commercial Drone Professional, here.

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