New Receiver Range from Spektrum

- James Whomsley | FliteTest

Spektrum just released a couple of new receivers that look start a quiet revolution in the way we use these tiny boxes.

No antenna, no bind plug. The new AR620 and AR410 from Spektrum are entirely new receivers. They aim to increase convenience and provide much better durability than their older products. Spektrum says:

"For the same price as older basic 4- and 6-channel full-range air receivers, Spektrum introduces all-new sport receivers that go well beyond the basic needs of the sport pilot while adding convenience, automatic telemetry, improved reliability and more."

No Antenna

Well, actually, that isn't strictly true. There is an antenna, but it's integrated into the PCB inside the case. This provides far better durability for both the AR620 and the AR410. Although the older recievers were just fine, anyone who ownes one wit Whilst having better durability, neither receiver sacrifices range. Both are full range and work with DSMX and DSM2.

The footprint of these devices have also been streamlined. Without the antenna and with a smaller overall size than previous iterations of these 4ch and 6ch receivers, you can get on with sticking them inside your aircraft without worrying about room or getting your antennas placed right.

In the AR620, there's also integrated telemetry that includes a flight log and receiver battery pack voltage data. When used with telemetry compatible Spektrum transmitters, like the Spektrum DX9, you can automatically receive this data whilst flying. That's pretty handy to say the least!

No Bind Plug

I can't stand it when I have to go searching for lost bind plugs. Now, you won't have to spend your time worrying about these tiny pieces of easy-to-loose plastic: a large bind button found on top of the AR620 and AR410 receivers are used to enter the binding mode.

If you want to know more about these receivers and order a few when they become available soon, check out the Flite Test Store.

Spektrum AR620

Spektrum AR410

Original article at FliteTest, here.

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