Manila Regionals - Race 8


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Race 8 complete! The Manila Regionals was another great race for the 2018 Challengers Cup, the FPV Racing community in the Philippines, and those pilots who are now internationally ranked (and those just on the outside) in the Top 32 Pilot Rankings.

Heading into the Manila Regionals, we weren't sure what to expect. The race, hosted by Vista Mall Daang Hari and organized by A+OSH, was going to be awesome, but this was the first Asian race in the 2018 season. No ranked pilots were registered to compete in Manila and Rezaldy Capingian "Horsie," who competed in the 2017 Las Vegas Finals, wasn't going to make it to the competition.

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Qualifying rounds quickly identified the top pilots. Although Ace Reston registered the fastest E.T., elapse time, with a 27.16 sec run, in qualifying during Round 1, he was not the most impressive. Robert Battad, "RFox," had the second fastest time in Round 1 and the fastest E.T.'s in Rounds 2, 3, & 4. Other top E.T.'s were divided amongst Ace Reston, Alexander G., Edgardo A., Richie B., Greg Villaver, and Reggie S. With his consistently fast E.T.'s, Robert Battad had the most momentum heading into Elimination Rounds.

Eliminations, Round 1: Ace Restion seemed to be on top, registering another top E.T. for the round and two dominant 1st Place finishes; however, Robert Battad "RFox," is just slightly slower, but more consistent, recording the 2nd and 3rd fastest E.T.'s in Round 1. There were little shakeups in Round 1, in most heats the highest qualified pilot enjoyed two 1st Place finishes and advanced with 6 pts to the Quarterfinals. Clarence P., qualified 8th, was the only upset in the Top 10.

Quarterfinals, Round 2: Top Qualifier, Ace Reston, started to slow down. In Heat 1, Greg Villaver, who was qualified 7th, finished in 1st Place ahead of Ace Reston in both runs and registered third fastest E.T. of Round 2. Robert Battad, continuing to be consistently fast, had the top two E.T.'s of the round and dominated Heat 4. Richie B. and Mike Andal were the clear leaders of Heats 2 and 3. The elimination of Edgardo A., qualified 4th, was the major upset of the Quarterfinals.

Semifinals, Round 3: Top Qualifier, Ace Reston, is eliminated, and Robert Battad, "RFox," rises as the clear front-runner. RFox registered the top two E.T.'s in Round 3 and two 1st Place finishes. Greg Villaver, also in Heat 1, had a close battle with Jerico Taleon, but advanced with two 2nd Place finishes. With Ace Reston faltering, Dennis Cinatas dominated Heat 2 with two 1st Place finishes and the 3rd fastest E.T. of the Semifinals. Mike Andal also advanced to the Final Round.

Finals, Round 4: All three registered times of Run 1 were under 30 seconds! Robert Battad "RFox," finished 1st Place with a 27.36 sec E.T., which was the fastest E.T. of the Finals. It was a close battle for 2nd Place, Greg Villaver was slightly ahead of Dennis Cinatas with a 28.49 sec E.T., the 3rd fastest E.T. of the Finals, to his 28.69 sec E.T. Mike Andal crashed out. In Heat 2, RFox continued his dominance, like he had been flying all day since qualifying rounds. With another 1st Place finish, registering a 28.24 sec E.T., the 2nd fastest time of the Finals, RFox claimed Race Champion! Greg Villaver, now Runner-Up, finished another consistent 2nd Place ahead of Dennis Cinatas.

Top 32 Pilot Rankings

The Manila Regionals, Race 8 of the 2018 Challengers Cup, added some new faces and nationalities to the Top 32 Pilot Rankings. After earning a whopping 180 points, Robert Battad "RFox," moves into the #11 Ranked position. RFox earned a ton of points from registering the top times each round and finishing 1st Place every run. Greg Villaver, Runner-Up with 128 points, moved into the #20 Ranked position, tied with #20 Ranked Angelo Re "Angelo FPV," from the United States. Dennis Cinatas, 3rd Place, and Mike Andal, 4th Place, finishers both earned 101 points from the Manila Regionals, which creates a crazy scenerio for the Top 32 Pilot Rankings. We have other ties between pilots in the rankings, but not overlapping the #32 Ranked spot. Currently, there is a 5 way tie with 101 points. To address the situation fairly, we chose to break the tie with qualifying positions, earned at the pilots' respective races. The same way we break ties during races. For Mike Andal and #30 Ranked Olaf Hichwa "Viking FPV," from the United States, we had to take it one step further and differentiate between points earned from finishing position points from elimination rounds. Although Mike Andal and Dennis Cinatas are both tied at the #30 Ranked position, Mike Andal currently holds the 32 pilot spot, if the 2018 Las Vegas Finals were held tomorrow.

Full Rankings - 2018 Challengers Cup

Get ready for next week's Malano Internationals (Race 9) & Buenos Aires Regionals II (Race 10), which will greatly shake up the Top 32 Pilot Rankings!

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As always, stay safe, have fun, and we'll see you at the next race!

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