MAKKER Play Could Make You a Better Drone Pilot

- James Whomsley | FliteTest

If you want to learn how to fly your drone like the pros, this neat IR tag system might be a fun way to do it.

MAKKER Play is a system of inferred tags and marks that enables you to create drone courses without those tiresome gates. It can be used for DJI type drones, small race quads and even RC cars. All you have to do is slap a tag on your vehicle and lay down the marks to create a track of your own creation. It's that simple.

How it works

The Makker Play is essentially a system of RFID tags that feed information back to a special MAKKER app. As soon as your aircraft equipped with the MAKKER drone gear flies through the invisible beams of the IR marker, the app will record your lap time, split and time over the mark. Pretty cool huh?

What's great is that it's extremely simple to use. Here's CEO Mikkel Barker to show how super straightforward it is to create your own track. You don't need to lug physical gates to the field - simply place the makers and load your app.

So, is this product for you?

MAKKER says that their tag and mark kit is mostly angled at first-time drone pilots and drone schools. If you've just bought your first Mavic, this gear might be the ideal training accessory to instruct you how to fly precisely from one location to the next. It will also help you to practice hovering over a certain spot in crosswinds and that sort of thing.

It is also to help you fly with friends. If you're into quad racing, MAKKER Play a convenient way to set up tracks wherever you want to. You could go out to the local forest (with the landowner's permission) and create all sorts of routes in seconds. You can use your creativity to create tracks almost anywhere. Spend more time competing and less time setting up.

MAKKER has said their products are all about maximizing the fun you get out of drones. It's all about "drone gamification."

Also, it's worth noting that you can use the MAKKER play outside the world of drones and RC. You can also use this gear in sports. All you have to do is replace the drone with yourself!

If you want to grab yourself a set of these tags and markers, you'll be looking €79 (about $90). To find out more, check out the Makker Play website.


Maker Play Store

Original article at FliteTest, here.

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