Looking for Work? Drone Base is Searching for Pilots Nationwide to Fly Insurance Inspections

- UAV Coach, Zacc Dukowtiz

If you’re a commercially certified drone pilot in the U.S. and you’re looking for work, DroneBase is hiring.

DroneBase provides customers looking for drone services with drone pilots to do work in sectors like real estate marketing, construction, and insurance.

Lately they’ve been inundated with requests for insurance inspections, and they’re conducting an ongoing, nationwide search for drone pilots to complete these missions.

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DroneBase Insurance Inspections

Following severe weather in a given area, insurance companies typically receive numerous claims made for the damage done to the roofs of those holding homeowner’s insurance.

To assess these claims, insurance companies have traditionally had to send out an insurance inspector or adjuster who physically goes to the site, climbs a ladder, and takes pictures of each roof for which a claim has been made. But climbing a ladder all day can be dangerous, not to mention time consuming.

Enter drone insurance inspections.

Using a drone, an insurance inspection can be done in 20-30 minutes, and is easy to streamline since the inspection involves the same shot list for every property. In an area that was just hit by a big storm, a drone pilot can go from one property to the next doing inspections quickly and efficiently.

Compare that to a traditional inspector, who would take over an hour for the inspection and charge 2-3 times more than DroneBase’s guaranteed payout of $70 per inspection.

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How Much Can You Make?

Andrew Dean is a DroneBase pilot who has flown hundreds of missions for DroneBase.

Here is his account of the work he’s done:

[So far] this year I was able to do over 200 missions in roughly 3 months, and over 320 in 5 months.

There were numerous days where I was going pedal to the floor and doing 10 missions per day and pushing close to a thousand dollars a day. Ultimately it ended up leveling off at about 3-4 per day, which, allowed me to do about $5,000 per month for most of the summer and fall.

DroneBase is a large part of why, in my 3rd year in business for myself as a commercial drone pilot, I broke 6 figures. To say that I did that at 27 has been a true honor and I owe a big chunk of it to the guys and gals at DroneBase.

A Reel Highlighting Insurance Inspection Work Done by DroneBase Pilots

Of course, not everyone will want to work full time (or full time plus, as Andrew did), and there’s no guarantee that every area will have as much work as Andrew was able to find.

But at $70 for each inspection, with each one taking 20-30 minutes, you can do the math to determine how much you might be able to make working with DroneBase doing insurance inspections.

However, it is important to call out that a lot of insurance inspection work is seasonal. The work comes with the storm season, and will most likely peter out as that season ends—note that Andrew seems to have gotten the bulk of his work in the summer and fall, during hurricane season, which lasts from June 1 to November 30.

That being said, since today is the very first day of hurricane season it seems reasonable to believe that there will be plenty of insurance inspection work coming up soon.

Why Not Just Do Insurance Inspections On Your Own?

DroneBase insurance missions connect some of the largest insurance industries in the world directly with their pilot network.

As an individual drone pilot, gaining access to this kind of steady work might be difficult, and could require knowledge not just of flying but of marketing, sales, client communications, and how to process the images you collect.

DroneBase only requires you to fly the mission, take the pictures on your shot list, and upload them to the DroneBase site—no data processing or client communications are needed, and you don’t have to do any marketing or sales work to find customers.

DroneBase insurance missions are literally accept, shoot, upload, and forget.

– Vic Moss, Award-Winning Photographer and DroneBase Pilot

Of course, if you’re looking to grow a business with a team of drone pilots, you may want to go a different direction. But if you’re looking for work as a drone pilot that will start providing a payout right now, DroneBase could be a great way to go.

How Does It Work?

DroneBase provides mission-specific training for its pilots before sending them out into the field.

When a pilot chooses to fly insurance missions, they’re entered into DroneBase’s onboarding process. This process includes training with the DroneBase Operations Team to review the job requirements, scope of work, and pilots are also provided with tutorial videos and a training manual they can use to get up to speed, and to refresh their skills later.

After onboarding is complete, DroneBase emails pilots directly as new work becomes available in their area. Missions are on a first-come, first-serve basis, and all have a guaranteed payout.

Want to learn more about working with DroneBase? Visit the DroneBase website now.

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