Johnny FPV's Piloting Skills Give Drones a New Perspective

- Ty Poland | Fstoppers

Drones create unique new ways to film but as technology seems to advance day after day, true pilots begin to push these drones to their limits. Meet Johnny FPV, a drone pilot who has helped take FPV freestyle to the public eye.

There are certainly a lot of people who fly drones nowadays but only a few that seem to be creating more unique applications. After getting into micro drones and learning about racing drones, Johnny FPV was one of the first FPV pilots I started to follow. What he was doing at the time really stood out to me. He took his flying further than just shooting scenic locations and I began to notice him become pretty good at tracking moving subjects. Johnny's creative approach to FPV has spread across the internet, leaving people speechless when they look at some of his work.

With over three years of flying DJI drones myself, I know for a fact that locking onto a subject is really a skill to master. Being that I just got into FPV, I can say learning to fly like Johnny really takes a lot of time, patience and practice. I have spent over 200 hours practicing with FPV drones and I am just feeling comfortable enough to try and fly like Johnny once I can build a bigger drone and get outside a bit to practice!

Following Johnny on Instagram has been an inspiration to me as he shares his FPV videos with the world. I see him introducing racing drones to people like Will Smith, flying them out in the Safari and even chasing cars at actual races as we see in one of the videos above. It is great to see skilled pilots going out there creating this type of content in a way we've never seen it before.

For more on Johnny FPV, check out his Instagram.

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