ISS Aerospace Launches Sensus Hydrogen Fuel Cell UAV with AMS Cylinders

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ISS Aerospace, the UK’s leading developer of autonomous aerial systems, has unveiled Sensus, a pioneering, modular hydrogen fuel cell UAV platform, complete with ultra-lightweight, carbon composite gas cylinders from AMS Composite Cylinders.

Designed for a range of surveying and environmental monitoring applications, Sensus is the first ‘off-the-shelf’ UAV of its kind – providing an adaptable, modular platform that can be fitted with multiple sensors and payloads to suit a wide range of requirements.

Weighing just 7kg, and powered by a unique, air-cooled hydrogen fuel cell module developed by Intelligent Energy, Sensus will be available with a variety of payload and cylinder options – offering flight times of up to 120 minutes when using a 3L AMS cylinder.

Ryan Kempley, CEO and Founder of ISS Aerospace, explains:

“Sensus is a unique proposition, offering a versatile, off-the-shelf platform that can be adapted to meet the requirements of a wide range of surveying applications, in challenging environments across the globe.

“We set out to create a sub-7kg UAV that could carry a substantial payload for over an hour – something that could only be achieved by using the latest fuel cell technology. Working together, the Intelligent Energy fuel cell and AMS cylinders enable Sensus to stay in the air for longer and to carry heavier loads, opening up new possibilities across a variety of industries.”

The new Sensus platform will be on show at DSEI 2019, the premiere exhibition for British defence technology and innovation, from 10-13 September 2019 at ExCel London. It will be released on general sale later in the year.

In addition to UAVs development, ISS Aerospace provides complete project delivery for clients worldwide – from seismic deployment and photogrammetry to inspection and surveillance. Going forward, ISS is integrating hydrogen fuel cell modules fitted with AMS cylinders on a range of bespoke UAV projects where endurance and flight times are integral.

ISS Aerospace is an established, UK-based company specialising in bespoke, autonomous aerial systems with applications in wide-area operations undertaken by the energy, defence, environmental and industrial sectors. Additional information about ISS Aerospace and Sensus can be found at http://www.issaerospace.com/.

AMS Composite Cylinders are a world leader in cylinders for hydrogen fuel cell applications, providing state of the art, lightweight gas cylinders across the UK and Europe. Its Type 3 carbon composite cylinders offer high pressure (300 Bar), ultra-low weight, and optional NLL (Non-Limited Life) performance. They are produced to recognised global standards and accreditations, including

ISO 11119-2, UN-TPED Pi, DOT (USA) and TC (Canada).

AMS cylinders are in widespread use across a wide range of healthcare, emergency, breathing air, aviation, and specialty gas applications.

Additional information about AMS Composite Cylinders Ltd can be found at www.ams-composites.com.

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