InterDrone: IF750A Commercial Quadcopter Released

- Justin Haggerty | IDRA

Las Vegas, NV (InterDrone) - Inspired Flight has released their latest commercial drone at The International Drone Conference & Exposition, one of the largest commercial drone events in North America, held at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. The IF750A follows a success IF700, which was announced the Official Commercial Drone of the International Drone Racing Association (IDRA) for the 2018 & 2018 seasons.

All Inspired Flight products are "American Made," which is much needed in a rapidly growing and developing industry that has witnessed several major failures by companies from the United States. Although IDRA is an international brand with members, recreational and commercial, around the world, it is within our best interest to ensure that companies like Inspired Flight remain in the fight to produce great products and grow the international drone community.

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Inspired Flight - IF700

The Drive - Inspired Flight just garnered a huge win by having the IDRA select its IF700 as the official commercial drone for the 2018 IDRA season.

The IF750A is a commercial drone built by Inspired Flight and powered by the Switzerland based Auterion Enterprise Operating System. It combines the latest sensors such as Intel's RealSense for obstacle avoidance, Trimble for high-precision navigation, Sony for professional imaging, and software integration with Airmap for UTM services. The IF750A is entirely customizable, supporting numerous applications with open interfaces. It is designed for drone service providers and developers who want to experience cutting-edge software technology for flying drones safely and at the highest level of efficiency. The IF750A frame can lift diverse payloads and comes equipped with retractable landing gear for full 360 degree imaging.

Inspired Flight partners with Auterion

As displayed on the Auterion website, the Swiss company is the "largest contributor to PX4 and the software platform powers consumer, commercial, and industrial drones of every type, from multicopters to VTOLs."

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For additional information about the IF750A and other Inspired Flight products, please visit the Inspired Flight website and/or subscribe to their newsletter.

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