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Updated: Jun 11, 2018

- Justin Haggerty, IDRA President & CEO

If you organize drone events, especially races, liability insurance can be a major friction point. When we were starting in 2015, most agencies refused to cover IDRA events. Drone involved? Yes, denied! It’s not as difficult to find event insurance today, but its not always to best for you. Many policies are extremely expensive, averaging around $500 for a normal $2 million policy. That’s a huge expense for a local organization (club, organization, small business, school, non-profit, etc.) to address with a budget that is already strained by the expenses of planning and executing events.

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Are You Covered? Drone Insurance

The other issue is that not all policies are created equal. Does the policy cover all liabilities? Property and bodily harm? Staff, spectators, and participants? Hope so. Organizing an event and relying on the personal policies, like the AMA, of participants doesn’t make the entire event covered. Any good venue wouldn’t accept that. Does the policy cover every day of the event? Can you additionally insure other entities? Does your policy allow you to add additionally insured (venue, partners, sanctioning body, etc.) to the Certificate of Insurance for free? If not, your insurance agency is trying to ring you dry.

Trust me; unfortunately, I’ve seen all the negatives since 2015. In spite of our bad experiences with event insurance, we wanted to include the service with IDRA’s overall insurance binder, which composes the worldwide coverage for all IDRA members, organized races, and sanctioned events. In 2016, we felt that if IDRA was serious about growing the international drone community, then we need to help protect pilots and events by giving them a more applicable and affordable option. Proudly, IDRA has been doing so since January 2017.

IDRA is now the world’s largest association for recreational and commercial pilots, with hundreds of members on every continent. Additionally, IDRA sanctions and insures over a dozen drone events a month.

So, why use IDRA for event liability insurance?

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Drone Pilots at Drone Racing Event

We know risks; we race! For only $275, IDRA will cover your drone event with a $2 million, per liability, primary insurance policy. The policy covers all property, staff, spectators, and participants from liabilities relating to property damage and bodily harm. If you need to add a venue, partner, sanctioning body, or etc., as additionally insured, IDRA will not increase costs. Policy will always be $275. The policy will cover up to 7 days, so any week-long event. If your venue demands a larger policy or for the Certificate of Insurance to be written in a specific way (it happens sometimes); don’t worry, IDRA will work with you. IDRA’s policy is underwritten with an AAA rating and is the only organization to cover events worldwide.

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As an IDRA sanctioned and insured drone event, not including Challengers Cup races, the organizer maintains authority over all rules and regulations. Over the format, IDRA issues our Safety Guidelines (commonly found in most regulatory standards) and Risk Assessment Worksheet, the homework that shows that the organizer prepared for all potential liabilities. With understanding safety and risk prevention, you will be light-years beyond fellow organizers.

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If you have any questions, please email insuranec@idra.co for all inquiries.

If your organization is interested in partnering with IDRA, please email our staff at info@idra.co.

As always, stay safe, have fun, and we’ll see you at the next race!

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