Hydrogen-Powered UAV

- Debra Cleghorn | RotorDrone Magazine

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The first of its kind, this hydrogen-powered small endurance drone, e-Drone Zero, from Skycorp can fly for more than three times what it could with traditional LiPo batteries. In addition to improved flight time, the use of hydrogen fuel cells means less downtime due to quick refuelling and increased payload capabilities.

With a highly automated artificial intelligence operating system, the e-Drone Zero also has computer vision assisted obstacle avoidance and various failure management features.

Skycorp CEO Marek Alliksoo said, “It’s great to be going to the limits of current drone capabilities to see how far you can push, all you need is a great team, fantastic partners who’ve been doing the same in their respective fields and then putting it all together. Although this is still just a first step in enabling some of the dreams of what the future could hold.“

Applications for the e-Drone Zero range from surveillance and security to mapping, inspection and survey work.

Alliksoo noted: “We’ve already started working with one of the most innovative Mobile Mapping companies around to test the advantages of combining car and drone based results on their platform. Considering what they have in store for the future of Smart Cities it would be fantastic to be able to help out.”

Original article at RotorDrone Magazine, here.

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