Headed to InterDrone? Here are Some Booths You Shouldn’t Miss.

- Miriam McNabb | Drone Life

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InterDrone – held Sept. 5-7 in Las Vegas this year -is getting close. There is so much to see and learn at the biggest commercial drone event in North America that planning is a good idea. We surveyed our partners to see what they were offering this year – here’s a list of booths and events that you won’t want to miss.

ANRA Technologies, Booth 206

ANRA provides operators with an off the shelf, field proven DroneOSS™operational platform which is fully functional and compliant with FAA and other applicable regulations for drone flight management and their mobile applications. This includes flight planning, airspace management, data analytics, compliance, drone management, resource management, maintenance information and much more.

ANRA’s CEO Amit Ganjoo and Marty Scholl will be speaking on a panel titled Harnessing the Power of Your Drone Data Wednesday, September 5 at 4:15.

DroneDeploy, Booth 614

Leading drone mapping platform DroneDeploy has had a lot of new announcements this year. Join experts from DroneDeploy to get a firsthand look at Live Map, the only real-time mapping solution that enables instant aerial insights and thermal inspections…no computer, SD card, or internet connection required.

Co-founder Jono Milling will be speaking Wednesday, September 5 at 8:30 AM on Unlocking Real-Time Drone Insights on the Job Site.

DroneDeploy will also be speaking at the FLIR booth – see the schedule belo

DroneLaw, Booth 321

Attorney Enrico Schaefer is a drone law expert – and has exceptional experience in helping new drone businesses get started. Visit their booth to learn more about DroneLaw’s “Ops in a Box” – the contracts, manuals, and documents you’ll need for your commercial drone business.

It’s absolutely worth a visit to the booth: DroneLaw is also providing the following items/features for InterDrone 2018:

  • Scheduling 15 minute one-on-one meetings with Enrico during the show. To secure a time, all requests can be emailed to Cathy Niedecken atcathy@traverselegal.com.

  • Providing a 10% Show discount on any of our OPs in a Box items. Discount Code: 10DRONE18 during the Show (from September 3rd to September 10th). For more information about our documents and contracts, review at www.dronelaw.pro/box

“InterDrone provides DroneLaw.Pro the opportunity to offer in-person legal and industry standards information to pilots, start-up and established companies,” says DroneLaw. “We want our services and information to get them to the next level.”

In addition, Enrico Schaefer and Tony Sauerbrey will be teaching a full-day pre-conference workshop on Tuesday, Sept 4 from 11:00 – 5:30. This all-day training session will focus on the essential areas to study for the Part 107 Knowledge Test, but will also provide insights on how to think and operate like a pro.

FLIR, Booth 315

The leading manufacturer of thermal imaging solutions will not only be on hand to talk about their products, but will also be holding an in-booth speaker series at the show.

Wednesday, 9/5

11:30 DroneSense presents DroneSense and FLIR: Ultimate UAS Scene Intelligence

1:00 DARTDrones presents Common Pitfalls of Launching sUAS Night Operations

2:30 DJI presents How Thermal Payloads Opened New Markets for DJI

4:00 Roswell presents Thermal Imaging for Drone Pilots: How it Works (and When it Doesn’t)

Thursday 9/6

11:30 Raptor Maps presents Thermal Drones are Increasing Power Production on Solar Farms

1:00 ITC presents Considerations for Effective Flight Planning for Infrared Drone SAR Missions

2:30 3DR presents 3D Thermal Modeling with Drones

4:00 DroneDeploy presents See the Unseeable with Thermal Live Map

In addition, Dave Lee speaking during the Solutions Showcase on Wednesday between 2:15-2:45, and Randall Warnas will offer have a workshop on Friday from 11:30 – 12:30pm on Using Thermal Imaging Drones for Solar Farm Inspection.

Genius NY, Booth 817

Start-ups, news businesses, or businesses ready to grow should not miss booth 817. GENIUS NY is an in-residence business accelerator program at The Tech Garden in Central New York that goes beyond substantial direct investment. In addition to three grand prizes of up to $1 million, and second and third place investment of $500,000, the program also offers incubator space, company stipends, advisors, resources, programming, and connections, making it among the largest competitions of its kind across the globe. The program is made possible by $5 million in funding support provided by Empire State Development, New York State’s chief economic development agency.

Optelos, Booth 414

Optelos is a leader in the field of machine learning enabled based AI that provides clients with actionable insights using drone data.

Optelos provides a range of solutions that are either stand-alone or integrate with industry leaders such as DroneDeploy. These include Drone Work Advisor that allows users to uncover insights faster than ever before and significantly reducing project completion times.

ParaZero, Booth 525

ParaZero designs and manufacture customized safety systems aimed for the professional commercial drone market. Their products are being used by both manufacturers and service providers around the world. The ultimate in drone safety solutions, ParaZero’s patented parachute and sophisticated safety system is one of a kind. Stop by to ask their experts how it might work for your business.

SimActive, Booth 224

SimActive is the pioneer of the new mapping era offering cutting-edge photogrammetry software backed by exceptional customer support. SimActive brings drone mapping results close to those produced by satellite and manned aircraft – if you need the precision of large camera format photogrammetry, be sure to visit and find out what SimActive can do for you.

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