Drones deployed for postal delivery to beat Alps snow

- Alex Douglas | Commercial Drone Professional

The French postal service is using drones for delivery to get packages to Alpine villages cut-off by snow.

In an attempt to both save time and cut pollution, drivers are launching the drones from delivery trucks at Fontanil-Cornillon near Grenoble.

In a report from the Times, it detailed how the drones carry parcels of up to 2kg and fly three miles to the village of Mont-Saint-Martin and drop the cargo in a bin at the town hall.

The round trip takes eight minutes which shaves 22 minutes off the time it would take the van.

The Times report goes on to detail how the drone follows a programmed route under remote supervision.

Commenting, the post office said: “The delivery driver gains time and there is less risk on dangerous roads that are unpassable in winter.”

Adding: “Drone delivery is useful in the mountains and rural areas where roads take a long time.”

Yesterday CDP reported on ‘Project Vesper’ between Airbus and XAG.

Read the full story here:

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