DJI Mavic 2 Pro vs. Autel Evo camera test by WeTalkUAV!

- Thomas Luna | WeTalkUAVwet

The Autel Evo and the new DJI Mavic 2 Pro are both portable drones with foldable arms, but only the DJI quadcopter is designed with a 1” sensor and a 20 MP Hasselblad camera. To see how much of a difference the larger sensor makes compared to the Evo’s 12 MP camera and 1/2.3” Sony CMOS sensor, YouTuber Captain Drone shot multiple scenes using auto mode on both drones. Side-by-side footage from the Mavic 2 Pro and the Autel Evo can be seen in this video:


As far as details, both the Mavic 2 Pro and the Evo footage looked similar on YouTube, but the Mavic 2 Pro’s footage showed more vibrant colors. The Mavic 2 Pro’s sensor is a step up compared to the older Mavic models because it is designed to record up to 1 billion colors. The footage that Captain Drone shot displayed the Mavic 2 Pro’s ability to pick up more colors. If the Evo’s sensor is designed like the 1/2.3″ CMOS sensors found on the original Mavic series, then it can record somewhere around 16 million colors.

Dynamic range test

Captain Drone picked an area with a bench to test the two drone’s ability to pick up fine details.

Evo’s camera shoots at a wider 94-degree field of view compared to the Mavic 2 Pro’s camera.

Sunny setting

With abundant lighting, both drones filmed similar looking footage, but the Mavic 2 Pro still captured more color.

Note: Mavic 2 Pro was flown faster than the Evo.

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Golden hour

As the sun was setting, both drones were positioned to film Captain Drone standing on an open field. Even though the Mavic 2 Pro showed more vibrant colors, Captain Drone’s skin seemed more overexposed compared to footage captured on the Evo. Again, both footage were shot using auto mode, so changing the settings manually could have prevented Captain Drone’s skin from looking blown out.

Stare at the sun

Both drones faced the sun directly, and the Mavic 2 Pro’s larger sensor showed that it can capture more details compared to the Evo. Besides less details on land, the Evo showed a more apparent sun glare on camera.

Cropped in


“I’m looking on my screen, and on the Evo, I can’t see the three people or barely make out the parachute,” said Captain Drone. “But on the Mavic 2, I can see the three people and make out the parachute quite well.”

Mavic 2 Pro captures more details

Even with the sun past the horizon, the Mavic 2 Pro’s 1” sensor captured more details.


Both drones can capture similar details in ideal lighting conditions, but the Mavic 2 Pro’s 1″ sensor outclassed the Evo’s sensor during sunsets.

Original article at WeTalkUAV, here.

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