CAA launches national drone registration scheme

- Matthew Trask | Commercial Drone Professional

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The Civil Aviation Authority’s controversial Drone Registration and Education Scheme (DRES) has gone live for operators to register.

The launch follows the reveal that the original proposed fee of £16.50 per year would be dropped to £9.00 per year for owners of unmanned aircraft weighing between 250g and 20kg.

The scheme is open from today for early registration before it becomes compulsory from November 30.

The scheme will also require owners to partake in compulsory education which can be renewed every three years.

The education is only required for operators who aren’t in possession of any current CAA permissions or exemptions such as those related to commercial operators and model flyers holding a certificate as part of a CAA reviewed achievement scheme.

Alongside the launch of DRES, the CAA unveiled its ‘Drones Reunited’ platform that is designed to reunite operators with lost drones.

Access to the new scheme will be free as part of drone registration, which will grant each operator a unique code that must be applied to their drone facilitating the recovery of drones.

The CAA’s assistant director of communications, Jonathan Nicholson, said: “Drones Reunited is a UK-first – an essential service that is only possible thanks to the drone registration scheme that is also launched today.

“The service is about giving something back to the community, helping responsible drone owners and operators to be reunited with lost drones and continue flying.”

Original article at Commercial Drone Professional, here.

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