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Beginning 7/20/2019 Autel Robotics will be accepting trade-ins towards an Autel EVO drone. This is an industry first and we are extremely excited to extend this program on to our trusted dealers, retailers, and partners.

How is this different from other trade-in programs offered by drone manufacturers? We are accepting trade-in units not just from Autel Robotics, but other major manufacturers and popular platforms. Such as the Mavic, Bebop, Typhoon and many others!

This program puts value back into older technology by offering a convenient way to exchange and upgrade equipment. No more selling online, dealing with hagglers and dark parking lots.

The Autel Trade-in program is designed to be convenient, fast and simple. It doesn’t matter if you choose to trade your old unit into us online or your local participating dealer. A simple and standardized grading scale quickly evaluates your trade-in and gets you back in the air as fast as possible.


Autel Robotics manufactures aerial imaging platforms with it’s U.S. headquarters based out of Bothell, Washington.

We are the only manufacturer that offers a folding, compact drone that captures video in 4k60 in H.265 or H.264. Allowing it’s users to capture high energy movement in slow-motion not possible with other drones.

Data, it’s yours and we respect that. We do not capture images, flight logs, personal information etc to send back to a foreign country. What you share is your choice and anything you upload stays on a server here in the United States.

Airspace guidance. We provide the necessary tools to inform you, as the pilot, to make the correct and safe decisions on where and when to fly. But we never lock you out of using your drone. This is a tool, and it needs to work when you need it to. Same goes with firmware. Autel Robotics never stops you from taking off due to a missed firmware update. Dismiss the notification and choose when it is convenient for you to perform the update.

With so many reasons to make the switch to a new EVO. We want to make it even easier by putting value back into your older hardware.

We love hearing the stories about how our products have helped you tell a story, streamlined a business or saved a life. If you aren’t out flying and experiencing the world around you, we haven’t done our job. Which is our goal for this program. So we hope you will make the switch and help tell the next chapter.

If you would like to learn more about the trade-in program please visit: www.auteldrones.com/switch

or contact our customer service team here in Washington 7-days a week at: support@autelrobotics.com

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