All hail the Teal One

- Gary Mortimer | sUAS News

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It’s arrived, remember the feel-good story about the designer 20-year-old Utah-based, George Matus? The main event, the Teal One launches today.

According to Teal, “Teal One is more than a flying camera. It’s the only consumer drone that everyone – from first-time flyers to advanced pilots – will love to fly.”

Developers will be interested in the NVIDIA® TX1 onboard computer and an Ambarella® camera processor all in the package at a release price of $1199.

If you are in the market for developing AI platforms the Teal One might save you a great deal of fiddling with parts as they are all integrated for you. If you can port Ardupilot to the PX4 board even better!

The Teal One has onboard, GPS, 2x IMU, Altimeter, Magnetometer, Rangefinder, Current, Voltage, RPM, Temperature, 12MP HDR sensor, f/2.5 lens 4K@30fps portrait video 2.5K@30fps stabilized landscape video Field of view – 123 x 90

There is also a TealSDK which has.

Advanced controls and telemetry Video and augmented reality Support for C, Swift & Java Additional communication protocols available for System and PX4 Integration.

I like the modular arms but would have preferred a more traditional RC controller rather than WiFi control.

Good luck George and team, you are truly swimming in shark-infested waters!

Specs from Teal

  • High Performance/Speed: Teal One is one of the fastest ready-to-fly drones with a top speed of 60 mph (and it can withstand wind resistance up to 40 mph).

  • Durability: The drone is designed to be modular with easy-to-fix arms and removable props so you’re back in the air in minutes, not weeks.

  • Apps: Along with the drone, Teal is launching an app platform that will provide new flying experiences in the form of apps.

  • At launch, the platform will offer one app called Teal Flight, an easy-to-use flight control app for beginner to advanced pilots that includes an adjustable flight bubble, a controlled flight area for practising or trying new manoeuvres.

  • Personalization: Adjust your flight tunings from slow and steady to fast and nimble, and choose from five flight modes including one-handed and voice control.

  • Designed in the U.S.

Original article at sUAS News, here.

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