AirWorks 2019: Volarious introduces V-Line tether box for Mavic 2 series

- Alex Douglas | Commercial Drone Professional

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Singapore-based firm Volarious has launched the V-Line tether box for the Mavic 2 series at this year’s DJI Airworks annual conference.

Volarious says its new V-line product expands Mavic 2 series capability by giving it unlimited flight time which opens up new use cases such as traffic monitoring and sports analytics.

Founder Weilang Zhang, commented: “V-Line tether box is engineered from the ground up for Mavic 2 series. We wanted to make the system as compact as possible to compliment the Mavic 2 series size.”

Adding: “Patented smart tension system allows for one man operation while preventing the cable from entangling with the surrounding.”

Features include battery operated with hot swapping capability, a patented smart tension system senses the pull force of the drone, including sudden jerks and adjust accordingly, ensuring that the line is as straight as possible.

Speaking to Commercial Drone Professional at AirWorks, Zhang detailed how he believes sports, traffic monitoring and NFZ operations are some of the use cases perfect for the new product.

He went on to confirm that the V-Line will be available starting November online and from various DJI Enterprise dealers.

Original article at Commercial Drone Professional, here.

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