International Drone Operators Association

Founded in 2015 as the International Drone Racing Association, IDRA organized professional races around the world. To address the needs of our members, IDRA built partnerships to provide effective and affordable liability insurance to protect pilots worldwide.

As your partner, IDRA provides affordable liability insurance to members around the world. Fly safe and protected!

Members Worldwide. Insurance Worldwide.

Operator at DroneDeploy
Trade Marketing, Parrot

"Signed Up With Them; Highly Recommended"

"We had a great event, insurance was easy to organize, and people loved the drone cage!"

Production, Rotor Riot
Mr. Steele

"We will certainly come back to you for the next event!

"I'm an IDRA member, they have good rates as far as insurance goes and $1 million comprehensive insurance."

Professional Operator
Recreational Operator

"I couldn't be happier with the service you've provided. Less than 24 hours registration and insurance confirmation turnaround is more than I could have expected. "

"I really appreciate you guys being able to provide this insurance just to someone like me that REALLY loves this hobby."

In Partnership with Avion Insurance

Avion Insurance offers comprehensive UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) liability policies at the most competitive prices in the industry. Don’t risk being uninsured or underinsured by working with your general property or casualty agent. Enjoy peace of mind that our team will minimize your insurance premiums while mitigating your risk in the event of a loss of your drone.

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